DID YOU KNOW? Rabbits that are available commercially today come from specialized farming called cuniculture.


  • Since rabbit is a lean meat, it must be seared first and then cooked slowly at a low a temperature.
  • Cooking at high temperatures must be avoided so as not to dry out the meat.

Cooking methods

When braising or stewing, a liquid such as stock, water, or wine, along with a good selection of herbs, spices, and vegetables, should be brought to a slow boil in a covered pot.

Rabbit is ideal for the barbecue but before cooking, the meat must be marinated in the refrigerator using a marinade containing an acidic element (lemon or lime juice, vinegar, or wine) mixed with some oil and a mixture of fragrant herbs and spices. Turn the pieces of meat frequently to ensure that it soaks up the flavours as much as possible. Before cooking, the rabbit should be left at room temperature for twenty minutes to avoid a thermal shock.

To barbecue, it is essential to sear the pieces of rabbit, which have been dried off, on a very hot grill. Continue cooking with indirect heat by closing the burner under the meat and closing the barbecue lid. Turn the meat at least twice and baste it frequently with marinade while cooking.

Now all that is left is to enjoy!

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