DID YOU KNOW? Pheasant was the first type of poultry brought to market by Oka Farms. Pheasants eat grain and originate from Asia. Since snow covers the ground during our long winter months, pheasants cannot survive and reproduce in the wild. Today, therefore, breeding is almost the only way to obtain pheasant.


  • In the oven: To prevent the meat from drying out, use lard to bard the bird and baste often (with stock, wine, or water), or stuff the bird just before cooking to retains its moistness.
  • Use an oven-cooking bag intended specifically for use in the oven, which is an excellent method to retain the pheasant’s moistness.
  • Cut up and deboned: The pheasant breast can be cooked deboned, with or without its skin. It must be seared in a pan (6 to 8 minutes), like a steak and then finished in the oven for a few minutes at 190oC (375oF). It should be served slightly pink.
  • The bones, wings, and legs can be used to make a base for the sauce.

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