DID YOU KNOW? Cornish Hen originates from the region of Cornwall in England and is also known as Rock Cornish Hen. It is primarily enjoyed by Anglophones but Francophones are slowly discovering it. Cornish Hens reach their maturity at twenty-eight days, as compared to forty-five days for a chicken.


  • The Cornish Hen’s greatest advantage is that it cooks quickly, in approximately 45 min. at 180oC (350oF). A Cornish Hen serves two people, which makes it a perfect choice for romantic dinners.
  • Cooked whole, stuffed, cut in two, or marinated, Cornish Hen handles like small poultry.
  • Its meat is lean, so it must be basted, stuffed, or marinated before cooking.
  • Cornish Hen is ideal for the barbecue. It is strongly suggested to marinate the bird for at least four hours in the refrigerator. It must contain an acidic element (lemon or lime juice, vinegar, or win) mixed with some oil and a sweet element, paired with a mixture of fragrant herbs and spices. On top of moistening the meat, the marinade enhances the Cornish Hen’s flavour. It is important to turn the pieces of Cornish Hen often to ensure the meat soaks up the flavours as much as possible.

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