Foie Gras Whole & Sliced

(For 2 servings as appetizers)


Remove the Foie gras slices from the packaging when the product is cold. Season with salt and pepper.

Heat a skillet over high heat. Sear the slices 45 to 60 sec. per side.
When they are golden brown on the outside, remove from heat and serve immediately on toasted bread or as following:

1. When the foie gras is cooked, remove the fat from the skillet and deglaze with wine, Porto, Sauternes or Muscat. (balsamic vinegar can be used).

2. Serve with caramelized fruits (apple or pear) or with skinless muscat grapes. Add the fruits to the skillet with the deglazing (reduced) and cook the fruits for about 2 min.

Enjoy your Meal !

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