Oka’s pheasants with cognac

(6 persons)


2 (1 to 1,5 kg) Oka’s pheasants about  2 ( 2 to 3 lbs)
125 ml   All- purpose flour  ½ cup
   Salt and pepper
2   Finely chopped onions 2
50 ml   butter or margarine  ¼ cup
3   slices of bacon, diced 3
375 ml   chicken broth   1 ½ cup
15 ml   Horseradish   1 tbsp
50 ml   Cream 15%    ¼ cup  
15 ml   Cognac   1 tbsp


1. Tuck legs under band of skin or tie together with string.

2. In a bag, stir together flour, salt and pepper.  Add the pheasant, one at a time, and shake to coat well.  Set aside 3 tbsp of this flour.

3. In a large casserole, heat enough butter oven medium-high heat; cook the pheasants until lightly browned, and the onions, adding butter as needed.  Stir in chicken broth and bake covered, in 375oF oven for 1h45 or until juices run clear when pheasant thigh is pierced and breast is no longer pink.

4. In a large skillet cook bacon until well brown.  Add reserved flour and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes without browning.  Gradually whisk in 1 ½ cup of cooking liquid; cook, stirring, until thickened.  Add horseradish, cream, and cognac.

5. Makes 6 servings.  Serve on a bed of wild rice with Brussels sprout.

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